Uwe Access Agreement

Research data repositories will have their own requirements as to how research data is presented for conservation and accessibility. You should contact your data repository as soon as possible to see what is needed in the project, especially if the data needs to be collected and used in one format and converted to another to keep it. For access to parts of the building that are planned in conjunction with other occupants of the building, such as. B common kitchen and living room spaces. However, it is not feasible, desirable or, in some cases, allowed to retain and share all research data. It can be difficult to determine what data should be retained and what levels of access (if it exists) or what data should be eliminated, especially where there are ethical or commercial considerations. 2.9.1 Nothing to smoke (including e-cigarettes or similar) in the room or anywhere in the building, except in smoking dwellings provided for this purpose in the explanatory statement. 2.9.2 Do not light candles and burn nothing in the room or building. Incineration of objects likely triggers the smoke detector and/or causes fires or other damage.

2.9.3 Do not cook thoroughly, including the stove or oven, unattended when using and ensure that the stove and oven are turned off after use. 2.9.4 Do not block access to the building hall and clear corridors and landings of fire and fire doors to avoid obstacles to escape fires or other emergencies. 2.12 This agreement is for you personal. You must not change rooms with another occupant of the building or anyone else and do not claim to attribute the sub-let charge deal or part of the ownership of the space or building or part of it, unless the university has previously entered into a written agreement. Some magazines provide a section for a data access instruction, but in this case, you should always include a statement in your manuscript. 2.11.1 To provide access to the university or any person authorized by the university at all appropriate times of the day, digital research data should be stored as much as possible in formats that do not require specialized software to read it.

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