Yacht Brokerage Listing Agreement

2. To insure a buyer for the ship described above: when the ship is sold, donated, traded or replaced, or if it is transferred or transported by other means during the term of the contract, the owner agrees to pay a commission equal to 10% of the sale price or USD 2,000, if the value is greater. This commission is paid to MYERS YACHT SALES, LLC, whether the purchase is guaranteed by a broker or another party at that price and conditions or at any other acceptable price to the Seller. If, after the end of this contract, the vessel is sold or negotiated within 6 months of the formal notification of termination to a party, its beneficiaries of the assignment or to controlled business entities obtained by cooperating brokers or brokers, the owner is responsible for the payment of the entire commission. EXCLUSIVE U.S. LISTING: It`s like the exclusive central list above, but you would designate us as the only yacht brokers in the United States to sell your boat. You can sell your own boat and you can also open -List your boat for sale with other yacht brokers who are NOT in the United States. If you or your non-U.S. broker sell your boat, we will not participate. 3. The owner undertakes to grant easy access to the vessel at all times to show that all requests from brokers or other interested parties are referred in due course to brokers to show that it is not used by the owner; inform the broker if the vessel is moved or temporarily unavailable; During the duration of the agreement, brokers display a “for sale” and replace the sign when it is removed while the ship is in use. 6.

The owner frees brokers and agents and keeps them unscathed from losses, damages, thefts, lawsuits or claims that arise while the ship is shown, processed, transported or held by a broker on the instruction of the owner. It is expressly understood and agreed that the broker will not be taken care of by the owner, care, custody or control of the vessel under this agreement and will not be delegated. The broker will not move the vessel from its berth without the explicit agreement and agreement of the owner. 1) CENTRAL LISTING: The most convenient and effective way to list your boat for sale is to have us process under a centralized list. This means that Anchor Yachts is the only agent to put the boat up for sale. We will make all requests for your boat, both by potential buyers and by other yacht companies. You don`t have to do anything. Since we are only allowed to publish central listings on the best MLS websites, a central list is by far the most effective way to make your boat available to any other yacht broker in the country (and around the world) as well as to the general public. Finally, because the people who list their boats centrally with us have committed to having us sell their boat, we naturally feel obliged to pay maximum attention and attention to our central lists. Please inform us of the offer agreement you would like to send from us for your boat. YachtCloser offers a simple and decisive approach to managing all the forms and contracts necessary to operate your boating and yacht distribution activities.

YachtCloser is pre-installed with over 100 different forms and contracts ready for you to start selling boats. In addition to standard yachtCloser forms, we have also partnered with the best broker associations in the country, so members can only access their proprietary forms via YachtCloser. 5) OPEN NO-EXCLUSIVE LISTING: This allows you to sell your own boat and also list your boat for sale with any number of other yacht brokers. You will notice that brokers do not favour open listings as aggressively as centralized ads, simply because there is a probability that the boat will be sold by someone else and that their efforts will be wasted.

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